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End Game (O’Connor & Kincaid, #3) by Tess Diamond

End Game (O’Connor & Kincaid #3)

by Tess Diamond 

Will this dangerous game end in tragedy for Special Agent Maggie Kincaid?
A Senator’s daughter’s life hangs in the balance, and the FBI have suffered a deadly blow. Now Maggie and Jake O’Connor must throw away the play-book and go rogue to rescue the teen victim - before a political conspiracy silences them all for good. But with lives hanging in the balance, there’s no room for error. Will Maggie’s own traumatic past be the key they need to unlock the case - or the weapon that will destroy them all?

I loved Ms. Diamond’s dedication at the beginning of the book: For my family. Thank you for making me feel loved, and even when I didn’t have a turkey two days before Thanksgiving. 

 This book picks up exactly where the second one stopped. There is a hostage situation, Roger Mancuso got the drop on the SWAT team. Agent Harrison has a bomb vest on, Kayla is nearly unconscious due to the lack of insulin and Mancuso has a dead man’s switch. 

Maggie is still running the show but it is getting harder and harder, Mancuso has nothing left to loose and well collateral is collateral. Senator Thebes has asked Jake to protect what is important to him. Not likely his daughter though. The plot with the oil company runs a lot deeper than expected. 

Right to the top of the CIA and the bastard Mr. Black who is there to clean up no matter how. When Mr. Black turned up I was like WTF? But it does all make sense. Maggie was gutsy with her plan and I loved it. I love clever plots and at no time I was guessing what would happen. 

Mancuso let something slip that referred to what happened to Maggie and her sister Erica. I want more Jake and Maggie, damm you Tess! I loved them as characters by themselves and together as a couple. 
Jake will do anything to protect Maggie. *sigh* 

But I swear that when it comes to this book 

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What will Jake do now that he is unemployed? 

They have five weeks together then what? The book has an open end so the story about Maggie’s sister Erica will be written and what happened to her?

Book supplied by author in exchange for a honest review. 

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