Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Fractured" by Suzanne Wright

Since the moment Imani Prince joined the Grand High Vampires’ legion, she’s been drawn to the self-assured and darkly sexual Robert ‘Butch’ Richardson. Although he walked away from her a year ago after a short fling, she doesn’t judge him for his difficulties with relationships. But now he’s in her space, declaring that he wants her back and regrets his earlier mistakes. While Imani’s past is trying to interfere with the present and the threat of a war is looming, she has to decide whether to give him what he’s demanding: all she has to give.

Butch has always struggled to connect with people, but something about the sensual and independent Imani pulls at him until she’s become an obsession that he simply can’t shake. But she was with another male, and watching them together was agonizing. When that relationship ends, Butch makes his move. Now he has to convince her to take a second chance on him, and he won’t leave her alone until she does. As far as he’s concerned, Imani’s his and has always been his. He just needs to make her see that.

Warning: This book contains sarcasm, sexual scenes, a female with attitude, and an alpha male who has a problem with the word 'no'.

Opening sentence:

Every avid reader knew you didn’t fuck with a girl’s Kindle. So when the bitch in front of me slammed my purse on the floor and I heard my precious baby crack, things were destined to go to shit.

Would you put this book down after you’d read that? No? Thought so. Me neither.

I really enjoyed Imani’s and Butch’s story although I thought that I would like Butch but I really did.
Eleven months ago Butch & Imani spent a month together. All had had high hopes that Butch would connect with Imani. Many call Butch cold, emotionless, ruthless, a sociopath and a natural born killer instincts. But….

Butch didn’t want more and Imani did they were honest about it. We realize why he shies away from a relationship more than the book progresses. Imani is Butch’s opposite a good, and a loyal person, she is funny, kick arse and totally knows what she wants. She thinks that she can lie but she can’t.

“I heard he went to your apartment last night.” I should have remembered that nothing happened on this island stayed a secret for long. “We just talked.” Sam cast me an impatient look. “You know that you are crap at lying, right?” “I can so lie.” Jared snorted. “Um, no, you can’t.” “Well seven of the eight voices in my head say you’re wrong.”

But there is a softer side to him a sweet side to him.

He bought Imani a new Kindle now if that isn’t love then what is, huh ladies?

After the night in the bar he takes care of her.

“I have coffee flavored NSTs. You want one? Or I can fix you something to eat if you want?” offered Butch. I pursed my lips eying him as I slid my feet into my shoes. “You’re being weird.”

Can this be considered to be a second chance romance? To be honest I think no. For me it was fresh and different but maybe it was due to there not being any previous memories/scenes. Butch had several hook ups over that time until it clicked and Imani was in a relationship with a human who betrayed her trust. Everyone has the right to change their mind.

„I’m done waiting for you. “ „What? “ ”I had to watch you with that human for seven months. Seven. Long. Fucking. Months. The only thing that stopped me from hurting him was that he made you happy. But then he didn’t, and now he’s gone. I decided to give you a month to get your head straight before I made a move. That time is up now.”

Butch thinks he isn’t good for people but he had a shite ex who ruined every relationship with the women that he had and he blames himself. Very over protective and would do anything for Imani. He gives Imani what she needs. And time to figure out what she wants. Although Butch changed his mind he more time to come to terms with it. Imani struggles at the beginning.

“If you need some time to wrap your head around everything that I’ve said and accept what I want from you, take it. Three nights, baby.” The most I could give her. “Three nights. Then I’m coming for you and we’ll continue this conversation and lay everything out. But don’t make the mistake of thinking those three nights include freedom. You’re mine. That’s the way it is and that is the way that it is going to stay.

Actually when it came to them having a relationship it was all very grown up they talked about the pros and cons.

In the meantime there is a vampire feeding info about vampires to humans over the internet. There is a secret order. Imani takes the opportunity and her vision features dragons. They will be attacking the Hollow. Fucking A. I smell a new series in the air. Do not disappoint me.
Imani’s former nest, the leader being Lazarus knows about dragons. Imani’s sire is Marco and she was turned without her consent. She is the first born which is an important job but she left as that wasn’t the life she wanted. Marco is obsessed with Imani, he is a sociopath. Lazarus is working on a serum to cure vampirism. While at the nest Imani gets injected with it and just barely survives. Only with the help of Butch, Sam, Jared and Antonio. She gains a new power.

I always wonder how it can be possible for Ms. Wright to top what she has written in her previous books and I am always a happy bunny when she can create something so utterly unique.

The one thing that really needn’t have been added and I felt as if I was in secondary school. There immature to the point of me screaming at them. It was quite ridiculous.