Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Reign (Sin City Outlaws #1) by M.N. Forgy

Goodreads review

As the president of the Sin City Outlaw Motorcycle Club, I fuck as hard as I ride and rarely go to bed alone.
The women are fast and the violence is intense.
I excel in both.
People either respect me or fear me. I'm not arrogant. It’s just the truth.
I was a king, reigning over Vegas without complication, until one gorgeous sheriff made everything fall apart.
When I saw her, I became a Neanderthal, wanting nothing more than to be between those legs.
I guess that’s where I went wrong, because my reality was shot to hell real fucking fast.
One kiss caused her to step over that blue line.
One night in her bed made me a traitor.
And now… we’re both screwed.


This book has everything you want in a book.

-          Action packed with an original story line

-          M.N. Forgy knows her shite and how to write it.

-          In-depth characters who you want to hate but you just can’t.

-          Engaging story with edgy moments and a man/woman who live without consequences.

With all these great points and this is where I’m stumped because it didn’t make me a happy bunny I thought it was just ok hence the 3 stars.

Why it didn't work for me.

-          Rule # 2 in life. If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. Yeah fuck that.

-          Way over the top, subtlety be thy name

-          The plot didn’t appeal to me whatsoever the story dragged. So don’t high five me with a chair now.

-          There is necessary drama and then there is unnecessary drama this book was filled with the latter.

-      It probably doesn't help that I have the attention span of a hamster sometimes. Okay hamster is being unkind to the little fella, let's say a gnat.