Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Darkest Frost: Volume 1 (TDF #2) by Tanya Holmes

Goodreads Review

ATTN: THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE. This is Volume 2 of a 2-part serial. Please don't read this until you've read The Darkest Frost, Volume 1 first. You will be lost otherwise. Volume 2 begins where Volume 1 left off.
GENRE: A Gothic paranormal romance with a twist.

The job seems simple enough at first: go undercover and catch her best friend’s killer. But psychic detective Denieve Knight gets more than she bargained for when she enters Dr. Braeden Frost’s estate as a “housekeeper.”

She's supposed to be sleuthing, not falling under the spell of the enigmatic doctor and his irrepressible, hellion of a brother, Xavier.

Now after two months of working for the man known as “Dr. Death,” she's entangled in a web of secrets and lies. Each discovery only leads to more questions. Though faced with declining health and a storm of confusing feelings and simmering passion for both brothers, Denieve is determined to uncover the truth---consequences be damned. Yet the truth may prove deadly once she discovers just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Overall rating I give it 5 “My love, my heart, my woman” Stars.

My rating is 3.5 “My love, my heart, my woman” Stars.

I’m going to be vague on this review by only feeding you readers enough but trying not to give anything away at the same time so that you read the book.

This book picks up exactly where book one finishes. It started off strong and somewhere in the middle it tapered off some which left me bored for a while. But it did pick up again. In the end I loved every single moment of this book and of the characters in the book.

Psychic detective Denieve Knight aka Danielle Reed went undercover to catch her ex best friends murderer but everything turns out to be so much more and so different than she expected.
Deni is strong, sassy, and funny with a heart of gold. She was a super heroine until her inner monologue got to me. And that she was quite mean in some cases.

They are as different as night & day, one is refined and civilized, controlled and the other is a junkyard dog, certifiable and takes what he wants and doesn’t apologize. Extroverted & Introverted. I can’t be more specific when it comes to this part. They are from a different world though.

“My world id unforgiving and uncompromising. The color gray doesn’t exist.”

They had chemistry full of sparks, fireworks but also a deep understanding and a solid foundation of love.

Be open when going into this book as well as the first one. It blew my mind in some ways but there were other times where I was peeved. It is a unique, original, mysterious series. Ms. Holmes managed to hit all the right spots in the book. With a world full of beauty, romance, understanding and the need that we all in some form want to be accepted and loved with our positive attributes and flaws. Especially the flaws. But a love between people and in the end the love that you also have for yourself.

There were also so many twists and turns that I couldn’t even predict how it was going to end. In saying that though my feelings were all over the place. Secrets and lies are uncovered, truths make the story all the sweeter than it already was.

I was getting antsy and was internally screaming for Danielle/Denieve to get her act together. Yes it was a lot to take on board but it wasn’t exactly rocket science you know so I don’t get why it took her so long. I would have jumped in no questions asked, ok maybe a couple of questions.

Admittedly there was a lot that I highlighted and it wasn’t easy to pick and choose. I really recommend reading this series as it is exceptional. I also forgotten half of the things I wanted to mention.

I’d love to see more of this world especially a book with Luke.