Monday, October 24, 2016

Candy Cane Christmas by Laura Trentham

Goodreads Review

A very Cottonbloom Christmas!

Jeremy Whitehurst has tried to leave his bad-boy behavior and tarnished image behind in Alabama for a fresh start in Cottonbloom, Louisiana. Unfortunately, trouble has dogged him across state lines. Stepping up and protecting a young woman from her abusive boyfriend earned him a beat-down and got him fired. Although the thanks in the girl’s dark eyes made it all worth it, he recognizes she’s just a different kind of trouble. A trouble he’s not sure he can stay away from.

One rebellious summer dented Kayla Redmond’s carefree innocence. Now her focus is on completing her associate’s degree for bookkeeping, and no one is going to derail her plans. Unfortunately, her job at Fournette Brothers Designs puts her in the path of the one man who has seen her at her worst, yet his blue eyes don’t judge her. He sees beyond the brokenness inside of her and rouses her wild side once more. But, that’s what got her in trouble in the first place.

Christmas is coming and Kayla’s ready to forgive herself and take a chance. But the holiday has only ever brought heartache to Jeremy. No Christmas miracle kept his mother clean or out of jail. Will one reckless night and some time spent in the back of a cop car be the best present Jeremy’s ever been given?

First of all let me say that I love Christmas. There is such a wonder feel but when it comes to books about Christmas not so much.

Secondly we are talking about Ms. Trentham and I love her Cottonbloom series. Since I read the first book I have been waiting for Kayla and Jeremy’s book.

Jeremy Whitehurst lived in Falcon and has had a hard past and has made some mistakes. He tries to move on but lives with what he’s done. He hasn’t ever had a proper Christmas. He has feelings for Kayla ever since he saved her. But thinks he isn’t good enough for her. He is a bit of a Grinch though.

Kayla Redmond loves Christmas and she has also had a crush on Jeremy for a very long time. She gets a job at Fournette’s Designs as an accountant. They can’t avoid one another anymore and they become closer with some stolen kisses until the dam breaks.

This is a sweet story, with some spice and I feel good Christmas romance. Well done Ms. Trentham.