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Major Love (Balls in Play #2) by Kate Stewart

Goodreads Review

"I met her at an all-time low . . . the worst night of my life—a time I never wanted to remember."

"It was a night I could never forget."

"When it came to women, I swore I was done with wishful thinking. Ball and my coaching career were all that mattered."

"I reminded him it wasn't."

"She was everything I was afraid of."

"He was everything I'd ever wanted."

"She was fire—an irresistible piece of southern heaven that I couldn't stay away from.

"He was smoke that clouded me in every imaginable way."

"And the sex . . ."

"Dear God, the sex . . ."

"I fell hard, and she gave me hell at every turn."

"I made a promise I was hell bent on keeping."

"And you kept it."

"Hell yes I did."

"Fuckin' A."

SPOILER FREE REVIEW with some quotes.

4 Moon Pie & Puddin’ Stars.

Andy Pracht is in a bad place at the moment. After falling in love that love being unrequited he has lost himself. One particular night he loses himself in a bottle of Johnny Walker. Without knowing his life changes that night. Slight issue? He can't bloody remember. He is attracted to the maid of honor but doesn’t really know what to do with that attraction.

“You are a bit crooked, best man Andy,” she said as she straightened my tie. “I thought we agreed to just Andy,” I corrected, tempted to go in then and there and suck the gloss off. Clearly, I’d drank too much already.

Andy is a perfect Hero. I didn't get how he could be so hung up on Kristina to be honest. He is adorable, kindhearted, funny, warm, and let's face it ladies hot as hell. He is tired of the game although he loves baseball it cost him something dear. But he can’t quite let it go and takes a coaching job in Atlanta. Exactly where the dreadful Kristina has moved to. She isn’t that bad.  More than anything else Andy was in love with love. But being in love with love and finding the right person to be in love with are two different things. It is a natural process. His promise to himself? Not to force things.  

I loved Andy in Anything but Minor and I was rooting for him to get his own book. My wish was granted. Once again I can only say that you are the dog's bollocks Ms. Stewart.

BTW good choice with the surname Pracht it means gorgeousness in German. Coincidence? I think not.

April Turner's life has changed ever since one of her best friends died. She has put her life on hold. April has one of the hardest jobs ever you need a cool head and nerves of steel. Although there are tragic days there are also moments in the Coop which are hilarious.

“Charleston 911, what’s the address to your emergency?” “773 Palm Tree Way. There are people in my house!” With a level voice, I asked, “Are you in the house now?” “YES! YES! They came out of the refrigerator.” [……] I’m sorry, ma’am, can you repeat that?” “Midgets came out of the refrigerator! They’re wearing camouflage.”

After giving her ex 15 years of her life she is thinking of herself. Even after 15 years and being single it wasn’t easy as they also shared the same friends. One chance encounter with Best Man Andy gives her the strength to give her heart to someone special.

“Give that big heart to a man who deserves it, okay?! Make him earn it, make him earn you.” He pulled back with a serious face I couldn’t look away from. Andy kept his eyes on mine, waiting for a reply. “I promise.”

April knows what she wants from the beginning. Andy. Andy bless his soul is oblivious whereas April remembers everything it breaks her heart. But she has to woman up and by helping Alice with wedding preparations it brings them together.

The attraction is there they don't want to act on it to begin with. They both can't deny it in the end.

While they were separated I love their texting with one another. Especially Andy’s attempts at icebreakers more specifically when he tried to get back into April’s good graces.

Andy: I’m no weatherman…

April: No?

Andy: But I definitely see several inches in your future.

Andy: When was the last time you had SWAG?

April: SWAG?

Andy: SWAG. Sex with a ginger.

They have filthy, sweaty, and dirty sex. It’s unrehearsed, raw and they feed off each other. They are in sync. They are electric. They just are.

The man was a beast and had the sexual appetite of a caveman on crack. And I loved every second of it.

“Jesus Christ,” Andy swore as he tried to control his breathing. If we were talking to God, I was next in line. Please Jesus, can I keep this one?

The hotel room, the woman’s toilets, while Andy was on the telephone. Dear Lord, me knickers went poof!

They both get sick together. Rain is not their friend.

“You look like a science experiment,” he said, choking on his cold. “You loob like a circus clown who needs more lipstick.” “You hab enough grease in your hair to fry chicken.” “You loob like Colonel Sanders ten days post mortem.”

These two are perfect for one another. They want to save themselves the heartache but in the end it nearly leads to this.

“Daddy, Andy is the kind of man I’ve wanted my whole life. The kind Tyler could never be. The same way I feel about him… I couldn’t manage again with anyone else.  I know it. I know it’s Andy. I knew it the night I met him. I don’t want to lose him. “You got to have him to lose him.”

Although there was an easiness to their relationship they never really defined what they are. But thought wise they were already there.

April was my biggest and boldest seam scar. She’d clocked in the fastest and brazened her way throughout the whole of my heart.

April herself comes to a revelation.

We both had hearts to put back together before we could give them to each other. 

I love and adore Ms. Stewart and her writing style she knows how to set up a romantic comedy book without it being too cheesy, kitschy and falling flat. I laughed so much but it wasn’t unfortunately on par with the first book. Nothing beats Alice and Rafe. They are the best. They have a special place in my heart. Alas with all the humorous banter and sweet moments Andy and April didn’t quite get there.  

On a side not:

“If you were a tropical fruit, you’d been a fineapple.” – Where does Ms. Stewart come up with these things? 

J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis (Blueberry Lane 3 - The Rousseaus #3) by Katy Regnery

Goodreads Review

If the best man and maid of honor are both single, it’s practically an unwritten rule that they should pork. …so begins a rocky acquaintance between Jean-Christian “J.C.” Rousseau and Libitz Feingold at the wedding of J.C.’s brother and Lib’s best friend. While manslut best man J.C. is surprised when maid of honor Libitz soundly spurns his advances, his curiosity is piqued. The girl he couldn’t have becomes the only one he wants.

So, when he finds a seventy-year-old portrait in the attic of his sister’s mansion that bears an uncanny resemblance to the prickly gallery owner, he enlists her help in solving a mystery seven decades in the making. Traveling from Philadelphia to New York to Marseille, a couple who started off as enemies will discover that even cynics can find true love…and mortal man is no match for destiny.
It started with a painting and led to a love they both never expected to happen.
This is my first impression of J.C. in the book but he has several epiphanies throughout the book and my opinion of him changes at the end of the book…. Want to know how? Read my review and then you’ll find out.
J.C. is a pig at the beginning of the book when we meet him at Kate’s wedding.  He has a specific type of woman – big tits, hips and well I won’t be crass. But it ain’t pretty this alone made me want to throat punch him.
If the best man and the maid of honor are both single, thought J.C. Rousseau, taking another peek at Kate English’s best friend, Libitz Feingold, it’s practically an unwritten rule that they should pork. And if anyone was in dire need of a good, hard, thorough fucking, it was Mademoiselle Feingold.
Libitz Feingold. Kate’s best friend. Maid of honour. Classy, sophisticated and brilliantly smart is no prude and she has found her match in J.C.  But will the battle of the wills lead to something more? But it can’t be just some random fuck. They are family now. They will both be godparents to Ten & Kate’s child. I found Kate to be very judgemental and selfish towards Libitz and Jean Christian although it probably was due to the hormones.
First impressions I’m afraid do count.
“Hi. I’m Libitz Feingold, Kate’s best friend… and it’s not cold enough.” “What?” asked J.C. feeling completely turned around.  “It’s not cold enough in hell for me to fall for someone like you,” she said then shifted back around to talk to the person on the other side. Well, fuck me, thought J.C.
Libitz Feingold instantly judges him although everything she says is true. The Rousseau charm didn’t work. You’re going to have to work for it. They both have more in common then they want to have. They are both lovers of art.
Passion was art. He loved it. He fucking loved it. It was honest. It was raw. It was ugly. It was beautiful. It was the one time he let himself feel. It kept him safe.
He had conditioned himself to be in a relationship no expectations, assumptions, and no feelings. Just two consenting adults. I got it. He was the alibi for his father’s infidelity. How can a parent do that? I get where he was coming from but he is just so callous with other people’s feelings. But he is coming to realise that things can be different. But he has to deal with not disappointing the people he loves. And that the chance of forever is a choice.
There are no guarantees it is a choice to love someone. L’ chaim tovim, a good life.
J.C. sorry Jean Christian at the end of the book was……
A man worthy of love. He learnt what he wanted and that some things that needed to be changed. His love for his family and friends helped him especially getting closer to Libitz. They are both in unchartered waters and that is what I really enjoyed about their relationship they are just oblivious in how to lead a relationship but they do a good job in getting there.
The mystery of the painting is solved…. I would post the perfect quote here but I won’t so read it.  
I am a huge Katy Regnery fan but her last two books in this series have not been for me. There was a lack of substance whereas here it was the opposite. The mystery of a painting of family resemblance. That leads to a trip to France. If this had been another glossy book I feared that the Katy I know and love had lost her spark. Thank God she hasn’t I would have been devastated I didn’t want to miss another auto buy author. Let alone let her talent go to waste. I’m mean this all in the nicest way possible.


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Wallflowers: Three of a Kind by C.P. Smith

Goodreads Review

“Romance and poetry, ivy, lichens, and wallflowers, need ruin to make them grow.” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

They say money is the root of all evil, but sometimes, evil lurks in the most unlikely places.

Calla Lily Armstrong spent her whole life shielding her heart. Now she's ready to break down her walls and see what's hiding on the other side. With the help of her new friends, Poppy Gentry and Sienna Miller, the three band together to find their happily ever after. One Wallflower at a time.

Former Atlanta Homicide Detective, Devin Hawthorne, moved to Savannah for a change of pace and a fresh start as a Private Investigator. He finds it right under his nose in the form of a Southern beauty who drives him to distraction, and deadly secrets that threaten her very life.

Wallflowers are for life. Wallflowers always stick together, and Wallflowers never leave a woman behind.
You love soulmates? Instalove? No other women drama? Some utterly hilarious, over the top alpha maleness murder, mystery and mayhem? Then this my peeps is the book for you.
Calla Lilly is a strong heroine, she loves hard when she lets it happen. Her Aunts are her saving grace and her blood is so blue she would be a smurf.
Calla Lily has put her life on hold that she doesn’t know how to escape the rut that she is stuck in. She wants to break out of her shell, she wants to laugh, to live and to love. Baby steps! That is until one Devin Hawthorne enters her life. It is time to live but watching Devin also helps with her decision.

Devin Hawthorne has moved from Atlanta to Savannah for a change of pace. Savannah is old money a town full of secrets the perfect setting for a new PI. While showing his cousin Meghan around he sees the woman of his dreams. Meghan sees it and calls it before Devin even had the idea developed of claiming Calla for his own.

“Though, that bein’ said, I don’t think you’re prepared for what’s about to hit you. For once in your life, you may not be able to handle what’s comin’ your way.”

A chain of events lead to Calla ending up in the same bar as Devin.

“Oh, um, I got hit with a ball. Nothin’ nefarious.” “Mhm. I’ve heard that one before. If nefarious shows up, let me know, and I’ll set a bouncer on him”

As a favor to his friend Nate he takes on a missing person’s case. It leads him to Calla which helps him with his mission. Although the whole ball incident adds to the hilarity of the book. A Southern Gentlemen always protects his female be it from friend or foe.

Devin can get any woman all hot and bothered. They get down and dirty...

Boom. Exploded ovaries. 

Calla wants someone safe and easy not someone like Devin but it is getting harder and harder.

“Were you not listenin’ to me last night? I told you I have a weakness for Harleys, and he’s the Devil who’d be my undoing’. It’s like leadin’ a lamb to the slaughter!”

Then I sighed when he made his claim to the Detective Bo Strawn and in a short period of time what Calla has come to mean to him.

“What I’ll admit is that a woman like that would be worth lyin’, stealin’, or killin’ for.”

All the elements in the book that make a book a success are well balanced. Calla & Devin suck you in. You want to be friends with the Wallflowers. Although they are certifiable at times.

“I want a wallflower divorce!” Both women gasped at that announcement then started talking over each other. “Marriage is for life,” Sienna cried out.  “Wallflowers don’t turn their backs on each other,” Poppy joined in.

But takes one to know one. Everything is different down South anyway. Lol.

Calla makes a big step to come out of her shell but mistakes Devin’s reaction for something completely different. Talking about it to the girls doesn’t help.

I love every character in the clique that Ms. Smith has created. How we meet the other female leads and the other male leads for the next books in the series. Especially Poppy & Sienna are quirky, unique and a barrel of laughs. But Nate and Bo? To die for. I tell ya.

Each brick is torn down that Calla puts up with Devin’s help of course. She becomes the woman she wants to be before her tragic past took over her life and made her hide from the outside world. She truly does have a horrible, horrible Grandfather but her Grandmother at least does one thing right for Calla. Just in time so she gets a point from me there especially when Devin goes to rescue her.

“Can you handle gale force winds?” Devin’s moth pulled into a sinister grin. “Like a fuckin’ lighthouse.” Calla’s grandmother actually smiled. “Don’t say fuck its not gentlemanly.”

Five days it took me to find my happily ever after. Now, it was Poppy and Sienna’s turn. Sounds good to me.

Stay tuned for Wallflowers: Double Trouble. Coming early spring 2017.

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The Darkest Frost: Volume 1 (TDF #1) by Tanya Holmes

Goodreads review
When the ghost of her best friend begs for her help, psychic detective Denieve Knight goes undercover as a live-in domestic to catch a killer. She sets her sights on the most likely suspect: her friend’s mysterious employer, Doctor Braeden Frost.

Dubbed "Dr. Death" by the press, the notorious hematologist is linked to nineteen other suspicious fatalities—all are former patients. The brooding recluse is a man of many secrets, the darkest of which may be lurking beneath the leather gloves he never removes.  

I’ve read a lot of urban fantasy/paranormal and some gothic in my time. I can tell if something is good or not and this is absolutely epic. I’ve been wracking my brain in how to write a review without giving anything away. My best bet is to keep it vague.

Denieve Knight is a psychic detective but is undercover at the Frost house as the housekeeper, Danielle Reed. Danieve aka Danielle, I’m going to stick with Danielle here for the moment so that I don’t confuse you, can read vibes of people more importantly emotions, lies smell like manure.

She is trying to find out who killed her friend and is undercover at Dr. Death and the media & press has dubbed him. Even without talking to Braeden there is something between them. Danielle encounters the ghost of her friend and so the twists and turns in the plot begin. 


 It has been a very long time that I have read anything that is so unique and original that pulls you into the book and where you just want to continue reading this book. You want to meet the characters in person. You feel what they feel be it joy, sadness, desperation and the emptiness that surrounds the Hero.

Luckily enough well for me anyway I’m on holiday this week so I could really enjoy this book without any disturbances. I am enthralled, enchanted and really impressed by this book. Luckily enough for me as well I waited for the second book to come out before I started the series.

The Dark Light of Day by T.M. Frazier

Goodreads Review

Abby has been through hell and has survived one of the most brutal childhoods imaginable…barely.

To the outside world she is just a loner with an attitude.

When her grandmother dies in a tragic explosion, Abby is left with questions-and nothing else.

Homeless, sleeping in a junkyard, and on the run from a system that has failed her over and over again, she meets Jake, a tattooed blue-eyed biker with secrets that rival her own.

Two broken souls that can't be healed. They can't be saved.

Abby & Jake have to decide if they can accept the darkness not only within one another, but within themselves.

If they can accept each other for who they really are, they might be able to learn that love isn’t always found in the light.

Caution: This is not your typical romance. The story of Abby & Jake contains disturbing situations, graphic violence, sex, strong language, drug use, and all types of abuse.

I can’t really say if I am a fan of Ms. Frazier quite yet. I think that I am getting there though. After reading ‘King’ & then ‘Tyrant’ I wanted to read something light but in the end I ended up reading this book.

This book isn’t for the faint of heart. I will be adding spoilers at the end of my review for those who want to really know the mind fuckery of this book.

4 Broken Soul to Broken Soul Stars.

Jake Dunn was forced to leave home at a young age. When your own father tries to kill you then you don’t really have a lot of choice. He finds a certain pleasure in his job as a killer.

“I wish it’d been you,” he said, softer this time. “Dad, you’re drunk. You don’t mean that.” “Yes, I do. I just tried to fucking kill you, Jake, and in all honesty I wish I had.”

Jake has very few expectations in life.

I expected nothing, until the night I met a certain redhead with an attitude. The night I met Abby Ford, my life changed forever.

Abby Ford has walked through the valley of the shadow of death and although broken in some parts she survived her parent’s abuse. After foster care she moved to her Nan’s. Who was her saving grace that is until she was in a freak accident. Trying to dodge child protection services she has a run in with Jake Dunn, a first for Abby is that something in her begins to stir. She doesn’t like to be touched but that is understandable as soon as you find out why.

I enjoyed their interaction and how it first started out between the both of them. And that they are cautious around one another. They grow closer they tell one another their secrets, slowly but surely. There is a connection but their relationship progresses slowly there is no instalove.
Since Jake leaving home he has been filled with loneliness, silence and hollowness.

“I like the way you make the silence bearable.”

They are two people that become whole they complement each other. What they have is real, gritty and full of flaws.

“We were just us, broken and bruised, fucked-up and messy, and together we were everything we never thought we could be.”

Jake leaves to take care of business where the unthinkable happens to Abby and with the Fletcher’s owning the town and previous experiences I wouldn’t trust in the system either. Jake betrays Abby. It would have been better to just shoot her.

“You doubt me. I let my walls down with you. I showed you how much you meant to me. I told you things that I’ve never told anyone else.” My voice cracked. “I showed you my scars.”
And what the fuck does he do? He fucking leaves.

Out of all the heartache, pain and despair Abby gains something beautiful. Four years later Jake comes back into town. In Abby’s time of need Frank Dunn, Jake’s dad helps her out.

Jake finds out about Georgia and well that was one of the shining moments in the book.

All in all I can only say that this book is beautiful in its own way. But it isn’t for everyone.
Once again Ms. Frazier has shocked me again, I mean that in the most positive way. One of the very few authors that manages to get the drop on me. I find her unpredictability to be a real asset.

The author has the talent to make the main characters in the book likeable and creates an intricate web of human behaviour, morals that makes you sit up and really take notice of what they are reading.

Life is full of choices that all bear consequences.


The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

Vanessa Mazur knows she's doing the right thing. She shouldn't feel bad for quitting. Being an assistant/housekeeper/fairy godmother to the top defensive end in the National Football Organization was always supposed to be temporary. She has plans and none of them include washing extra-large underwear longer than necessary.

But when Aiden Graves shows up at her door wanting her to come back, she's beyond shocked.

For two years, the man known as The Wall of Winnipeg couldn't even find it in him to tell her good morning or congratulate her on her birthday. Now? He's asking for the unthinkable.

What do you say to the man who is used to getting everything he wants?
5 “Take One for the Team” Stars.

The Wall of Winnipeg is like cooking a food in a crockpot. It might take long as it is a slow cooker but in the end you know that you will have eaten or in this instance read something fantastic. With a title like that you can’t help but not pick the book up.

I loved, no I frigging adored every single moment of this book. I can see it being a re-read in the future.

At first when it came to Aidan I was thinking dude what is wrong with you? I then gave it some time to settle in, shrugged my shoulders and continued. I am enthralled with what I have read and I’m still on my book high. It is funny, entertaining and well just read it, peeps.

There are so many laugh out loud moments as well as I’m smiling like the Cheshire cat moments as well. I’ve picked out some of my favorites.

Vanessa Mazur is the personal assistant to Aiden ‘The Wall of Winnipeg’ Graves. For two years she has been at his beck and call. Her goal was to save enough money to fulfill her dream of being a graphic designer and maybe run a marathon. So she quits and it is quite the spectacular exit.

“Dinner Roll is leaving now. Please make sure to tell Aidan later on when no one is around that I said that he can he eat shit.”

It continues with “I deserve better, asshole” and flipping the bird.

I really think that she needs to see a therapist what with her obsession with all things muscular.

4 weeks later

How Aidan tries to win her back. Where they come to an arrangement because he needs a green card and how he tries to convince Vanessa to help him out and his reasoning is out of this world.

“Come back”

“You don’t get on my nerves,” he noted almost as if I’d cured cancer.

“Marry me” “Marry someone who can do all your assistant stuff, too. It makes perfect sense.” He’d started nodding when I….”It’s perfect,” he agreed. “You can do it.”

It gets better, “I like you as much as I like anyone,” “I don’t mind you.” “You’re the most even tempered woman that I have ever met”

Bless his cotton socks he is such an adorable loner, like a puppy you just want to take home with you.

As he is very career orientated he is lacking the social department. You could say that at some point he has the social skills of a hamster but they do get better.

“I don’t have time to bother, trying to have a relationship, and I don’t like most people. Women included.” I wrung my hands which were still between our bodies. “You like me a little.” “A little” he repeated with only a mall curve to the corners of his mouth.”

Ladies if you don’t love Aidan because he is the silent, strong, overprotective, hermit that he is then you don’t have ovaries. There I’ve said it. Yes you don’t have ovaries. Right from the beginning I had to give Ms. Zapata the benefit of the doubt that there is more to Aidan that meets the eye. That he is astute, that there is a deepness to him that he shows very few people. He might be stubborn but he can be stubborn with me any day.

They get to know one another more and the banter between them is great.

“Mr. Graves, I can settle your visit with your assistant if you’d like to take a seat,”
“She’s my wife.” Time stopped. What the hell did he just say? “Handle it for me, would you, Muffin?”
“Aiden…uh…, did you just call me muffin?”
“I figured it was too soon to call you Dinner Roll.

They are similar ways but in others they are completely opposite on who they are and what they experienced. Vanessa became out going whereas Aidan turned into a hermit because of the experiences they have had. Aidan realizes that he has made mistakes.

“I’ve let you down too many times. I won’t do it again.”

Vanessa begins to see things clearer. That more has developed and that she was wrong. That Aidan is a good hearted, sweet guy with some insecurities.

“Did you and Cain date?” My sock fell out of my hand. “What?”

Come on Vanessa you really need to keep up here. He frigging loves you! And she has that Moment.

I woke up with my hand in Aidan’s pants. In his boxer briefs to be specific. “Are you groping me?” he asked, his voice sand scratched.
“I wasn’t groping you,” I whispered. “I was just making sure none of the guys sneaked in and tried to get you.” His sleepy gaze widened. “That’s why you grabbed it all night?” “No I didn’t.” “Yes, you did,” the man who never lied claimed.

And with very few words, Aidan can rock a girl’s world.
But he can also be a dirty talker.

“You have no idea what you do to me, Van. No idea.” He repeated the motion “Do you want to know how many times I’ve jerked off to you in this bed? In the shower? Every day I wanted a little more, and it hasn’t been enough.”

This is my first book by this author, yes I know shocker. I did try Under Locke but I wasn’t feeling it. I also love football well ok that might be pushing it. I watch the World Cup & the European Cup. And I’m for Southampton. Swaying here I also have favorite football players, Alan Sheeran is one (although he is slightly older now) but my whole point is that I couldn’t read Kulti, I have it so I might go back to it. Basically I prefer American Football themes to football themed books.

I wasn’t in the mood for writing reviews as I need a break sometimes and well how could I not write a review?

Don’t get me wrong I love Vanessa apart from the whole thanking thing going on but I love Aidan more and that is why it is an Aidan review.

I just know that after this it’s going to be hard for the next book to come.